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Beatle People Interviews #2: Sarah Stacey

The second installment of Beatle People Interviews features Sarah Stacey, a 22-year old musician and host of the Magical Mystery Hour podcast. AWLT talks with Sarah about her podcast, guitar playing, and her experience as a second-generation fan.

It’s amazing to see people of all ages, and from all parts of the world, gathered in one place for the same reason. [The Beatles] really do bring people together.  —Sarah Stacey

AWLT: How and when did you become a Beatles fan?

SS: It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact time, because I can’t remember ever not being a Beatles fan! They were just always there and I don’t remember not being aware of them. When I was little, my dad had the Red and Blue albums on cassette (remember those things?!) and they were always being played around the house and in the car. I used to demand The Beatles on every car journey, and I have this clear memory of singing along to “Yesterday” when I was about two or three. I also remember being fascinated by the photos on the covers of those cassettes, the famous image of the band looking down from the EMI stairwell and then the one they recreated a few years later. The change in their image really fascinated me, I couldn’t believe it was the same band! So that was where it all started, and my obsession just became worse over the years.

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