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Happy Birthday, Peter Noone!

I love Peter Noone. But really, how can you not? His sunny personality and adorable voice just makes you smile from ear to ear! So to celebrate his birthday, here are a few fun facts and some great videos from his time with Herman’s Hermits and beyond.

Noone was just 15 when Herman’s Hermits came on the scene in 1963. But since he’s Peter, who’s Herman? Herman was loose alter-ego for Noone, a name that came from a journalist’s comment that he resembled Sherman from Rocky and Bullwinkle. But unlike many performers with stage names, we always knew he was really Peter.

Sherman v. Herman. See the resemblance?

Herman’s Hermits had a string of hits in the mid-’60s, at times competing with the Beatles for the hearts of younger fans. The ’60s music scene wouldn’t have been the same without “Mrs. Brown, you’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” (a 1965 Grammy nominee), “Silhouettes,” “I’m into Something Good,” and of course, “I’m Henry the Eighth, I am” (second verse, same as the first!).


Though most of the Hermits’ hits were written by outside composers, Noone and the band were songwriters themselves, and some of their own songs—”Tell me Baby,” “Gaslight Street,” and “I Know Why”—appeared as B-sides to their hit singles.


9ed93e140feb5c722551d636ea2a6c8eOf course, this is a Beatles’ site, so we can’t forget that connection. Noone’s and the Beatles’ lives regularly overlapped in the ’60s—both recorded at Abbey Road Studios and shared a friendly rivalry on the carts, especially in America. And Herman’s Hermits also performed at Liverpool’s Cavern Club in the early ’60s. But Noone wasn’t just a fellow recording artist—he had a close relationship with the lads, especially John Lennon (who called him “Herman No One”). In the video below, Peter gives a touching tribute to his friend during the John Lennon World Postal Tribute event at the Hard Rock Cafe, December 8th 1995.


These days, the ever-youthful and eternally cute Peter Noone is everywhere! He’s on Facebook, Twitter, and has an amazing Instagram page. Even better, you can hear him live every weekend on the “Something Good” radio show—Saturdays from 5 to 8PM EST on SiriusXM’s ’60’s station, channel 6—where he tells great stories about his career and plays his favorite songs. You can also see him live on tour with his updated Herman’s Hermits band and occasionally at Beatles conventions.


So happy birthday, Peter Noone! Your eternal optimism makes the world a better place.