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Beatle People Interviews #3: Frett Campbell

The third Beatle People Interview features Frett Campbell, a Liverpool-based artist, and the only known Beatles Tile and Ceramics Artist in the world. Frett tells AWLT about his love of the Beatles, how they inspired his artwork, and shares memories of growing up in Liverpool at the height of Beatlemania.

AWLT: How and when did you begin creating art?

FC: I’ve always done some sort of visual art since a child, creating and/or altering things out of wood, plaster, and ceramics. During my fist stint at university during the ’70s my art went into performance art—and that’s where it stayed for the next 30 years—but during rest times painting reared its head.

AWLT: How and when did you become a Beatles fan?

FC: You could say I grew up with the Beatles. Being in Liverpool during the ’60s was an exciting time, as we all knew the Fab 4 really put us on the map musically. I lived in the same area as John Lennon—in fact, less than 50 yards from John’s childhood home—and of course, Penny Lane was my playground. I ended up going to the same schools as John and George so the buzz was there Beatles-wise. Being at the same schools was no biggie really as we were forbidden to talk to anyone without permission of the head teachers, and as John was a bit of a ‘Jack the lad,’ the teachers who taught him weren’t over impressed by his fame—sounds bizarre but that’s how it was. I actually remember seeing their first TV performance which was a local broadcast, and when they hit it big over here, my dad took me to see them at the 1963 Liverpool Empire Theatre Christmas gig. I saw them but never heard them for all the screaming girls (ha ha). Continue reading Beatle People Interviews #3: Frett Campbell