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About Beatle People Interviews

It’s 1960, and you’re a teenager. Would it be odd to be into music from 1910?


It’s 2014, and you’re a teenager. Is it odd to be into music from 1964?


Incredible, right? 

Why have the Beatles endured for decades, continuing to capture the hearts and imaginations of new listeners year after year? There are countless reasons—their genius; an incredible story of talent, ambition, and uncanny turns of fate; their timeless music; their groundbreaking musical experimentation. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The magic of this band has created a rabid fan base who widen the Beatle universe, year after year. We see it across the Internet, in bookstores, on iTunes, and at Beatles festivals around the world. Whether it’s through visual art, music, writing, or theatre, Beatle People continually reinvent what it means to be a fan, bringing their own unique creativity to the wider fan base. As such, the Beatles only get bigger and more relevant with each passing decade.

Beatle People Interviews chronicles creativity across the fandom, connecting readers with the artists who keep the Beatles fresh and relevant across three generations and counting. The Beatles’ story wouldn’t be what it is without Beatle People.

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