Erika Abrams

My obsession with the Beatles began the second my dad played one of their tapes on a car ride when I was eight. From that day forward, I regularly annoyed my New-Kids-on-the-Block-loving friends by insisting they listen to Beatles albums EVERY TIME they came over. And within a year, my obsession far exceeded my parents’, (who were teenagers during Beatlemania), making me the only pre-teen ever who was jealous of her parents.

Just when I thought my obsession couldn’t get any worse, Paul McCartney’s 89/90 World Tour began. I was already into Beatles’ solo stuff (though I couldn’t even look at the Two Virgins album and the rose in Paul’s mouth on the Red Rose Speedway cover freaked me out), but the idea of SEEING A REAL LIVE BEATLE put me over the edge. I kept tour scrapbooks, slept outside for tickets, and even figured out how to get a pass to the “secret” filming of Get Back (I was 12). Over time, my interest in Paul’s solo work became the driving force behind my obsession. I’ve followed his career ever since and I never miss a chance to see him when he tours in my area.

As a second-generation fan, I’m fascinated by the way three generations of fans have continued to keep the Beatles’ legacy alive and vital through activities like festivals, tribute bands, and books. I love everything and anything Beatles—especially Paul—and I hope this site will help feed my obsession as well as the thousands who love the Beatles as much as I do.


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