Get your George fix the week of September 21

George, George, and more George! With the September 23 release of The Apple Years, 1968–75, tributes to George Harrison’s memory and legacy as a solo artist are popping up everywhere you look.

The Apple Years, 1968–75 is an 8-CD box set/download encompassing his first albums as a solo artist, offering newly-remastered versions solo work beginning with the 1968 Wonderwall Music, the first-ever Beatle solo album. The set also includes Electronic Sound, the masterpiece triple-album All Things Must Pass, Living in the Material World, Dark Horse, and Extra Texture (Read All About It). The process was overseen by George’s son Dhani, and also contains some rarities and a short film directed by Olivia Harrison. This is a prequel release to 2004’s The Dark Horse Years.

In celebration, Conan O’Brien has christened the week of September 22 as “George Harrison week,” with a different artist celebrating his work every night, including Dhani Harrison, Beck, and Norah Jones, with other performers to be announced soon. The schedule is:

  • September 22: Beck
  • September 23: Paul Simon
  • September 24: Dhani Harrison
  • September 25: Norah Jones

If this isn’t enough George for you (and why would it be??), U.S. west coast Beatle People can check out the GeorgeFest tribute concert, September 28 in Los Angeles. This star-studded event features over 20 bands covering Harrison songs, from The Flaming Lips to Weird Al. Tickets went on sale on September 17th and will benefit Sweet Relief, a charity that assists struggling musicians. (September 28 also happens to be the date Paul McCartney brings his Out There tour to San Diego, so the Beatles energy in that region will be off the charts!)

Finally, east coasters can travel to New England for Harrifest, an annual weekend-long tribute festival to George, featuring local bands. This year’s Harrifest will take place from November 8–9, so check their site for more information.


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