Will the 2013 Paul McCartney Japan tour DVD be released?

The Out There tour, Summer 2013
The Out There tour, Summer 2013

Nothing’s better than the chance to see a real live Beatle in concert—especially when it’s Paul McCartney! The current “Out There” tour is especially good, since it contains a few more solo songs from his new album (New), as well as some Beatles and Wings songs that haven’t been performed live until now. Of course, price, location, and timing means even the most hardcore fans sometimes can’t make it…or if you have gone, you might just want to see it again and again.

But if you’re looking for that “Out There” fix, you just might be able to buy one soon. A professional film crew documented Paul’s November 2013 Tokyo Dome concert, which was broadcast on Japanese television earlier this year. It was professionally filmed and uses the soundboard feed, later mixed by Giles Martin, so it looks and sounds fantastic. It also includes some rare footage of Paul and the band hanging out and warming up before going onstage, and it’s a kick to hear Paul mix in Japanese phrases for his audience. I think many of the fan videos on YouTube don’t do Paul’s voice justice, so it’s great to hear him still performing at the top of his game.

Though low resolution bootlegs are leaking out, there is no word on an official, worldwide release. It would be incredible if this were made available. If I find it, I’ll add a link, and if you find it, please tell us in the comments!

Technology sure has come a long way since my first Paul McCartney concert as a 12-year old in 1989. I actually brought a little notebook and wrote down each song title to make a mix tape of the show, in setlist order, to re-live it again and again. (If only I had known Tripping the Live Fantastic was going to be released, it would have saved quite a bit of work!). But videos like this sure make it easier to feed the obsession, so I sure hope this gets an official release once the tour is over.


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