The 10 best Paul McCartney albums you may have never heard

Despite all the rave reviews for the most recent leg of Paul McCartney’s Out There tour, the diehards always come back with the same complaint: the set list doesn’t change much from year to year. And since the main hits have been pretty much the same since he started playing more Beatles songs in the 89/90 World Tour, people have been saying this for some time.

Paul himself has often said that he’d never take out the standard Beatles hits since the majority of his audience, likely seeing him for the first and only time, are counting on hearing them. And I’m sure that even the most frequent concert-goers would probably be a little disappointed if they didn’t hear “Let it Be,” “Hey Jude,” or “Yesterday.” But for those of us who love Paul’s solo work, the most exciting part of a new tour is to hear the never-before-performed songs, whether they’re from the newest albums or deeper cuts from Wings and earlier solo years.

I think it’s unfortunate that concert audiences have a tendency to tune out Paul’s solo work beyond the greatest hits, as there’s a depth and breadth to his catalog that is not reflected in the small range of radio-friendly songs that everyone knows. Between experimental electronic music to jazz standards to an upcoming video game score and a rumored collaboration with Kanye West, Paul McCartney has touched nearly every possible music genre. Much of it is brilliant, and some of it is just plain weird.

So in the spirit of spreading the word about this huge and varied catalog, AndWeLoveThem will review 10 of the most outstanding and/or unusual Paul McCartney solo albums over the next month.

And who knows, maybe if more people demand the deep cuts, we’ll hear more at the concerts? One can only hope.

The top albums are (more will appear here as reviews are published):

  1. New
  2. Wings Over America
  3. McCartney
  4. Flowers in the Dirt
  5. Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
  6. Venus and Mars

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